Indian Point is located at the north end of Balsam Lake, Indian Point is a 2500 acre / 1000 hectare peninsula extending southeast from the community of Coboconk.

The Point possesses one of the longest undeveloped shorelines in the Kawartha Lakes and is home to diverse flora and fauna. Indian Point is habitat for black bear, white tailed deer, porcupines, rabbits, raccoons, and many waterfowl and migratory birds including the rare Loggerhead Shrike, and Indigo Bunting. It consists of a low, limestone escarpment of the Middle Ordovician age located in the Carden Plain alvar comprised of flat limestone covered with shallow stony soil 2-24 inches deep.

Indian Point is covered with young sugar maple forests and second growth boreal forest on shallow loam soils.The shoreline on the east side of the peninsula is wetland comprised of swamps and marshes.The west shoreline is developed with primarily seasonal recreational residences.The rest of the site is old fields and limestone plains.